The Importance Of Props In Photography

March 28, 2024

Any photographer knows the importance of set design and props has on enhancing any project so today we’re going to talk about the importance of props in photography. As a Greenville, South Carolina food photographer, no photo of mine is complete unless the image has items that really juj up the image and help tell the story of a brand! Ready to learn how to enhance your South Carolina photos with props?

The importance of props in commercial photography in Greenville, SC

Props In Food Photography

When it comes to food photography, I truly believe that no composition is complete without adding in those extra things to really make your food subject stand out. Think about the plating or butcher block that your food is places on, the mug or glass your drink is poured in. If you have a beverage, go ahead and throw ( neatly place ) a garnish in that sucker – pun intended if you have a straw.

After your dish looks delish and is plated to perfection, what are the ingredients that brought your food to life? Ingredients ALWAYS enhance your food photography. Whether it’s parsley scattered around your dish or four in a ramekin placed next to your dish, ingredients are the second most important item on your list of props for food photography.

Props used in commercial photography in Charlotte, North Carolina

Some clients prefer to keep their food photos simple and clean. If you’re like me, you’re going to want the ingredients and plating along with kitchen rags, utensils, sauces, glasses of drinks, and maybe multiple different dishes of the same food items. And let’s not forget about those hand models. Ya know, the whole nine yards!

Props used in food photography in Greenville, South Carolina
Simple props to enhance food photography in Greenville, South Carolina.

Props In Branding Photography

As a branding photographer in Greenville, South Carolina, it’s not uncommon to be photographing your average headshot. Thanks to props, these headshots are about to tell the whole story of someone’s business. If you work with small businesses, you’re going to want to pay attention to this! Your client isn’t JUST a headshot, they’re crafters who have worked endlessly in perfecting their craft! Why not expand what you offer by adding in props to their images? What are your client’s every day tools, the things that they cannot get through the day without? What is their favorite outfit for meetings and for getting dirty? – yes, clothes are a prop! What do they look like when they’re deep into working on their craft? Your props in branding images will 100% convey a more beautiful story of your client for all their branding needs.

Greenville, South Carolina commercial photographer featuring model using props in photos to enhance images.
Branding photo in Greenville, South Carolina using props to tell the story of the business.
Props used in Greenville, SC commercial branding photography.

Props For Product Photography

Sometimes with the product that you’re capturing, the only prop you need is a human model! With Brinson Guitars, the guitar player was the actual perfect prop. Again, with Jewelry photos, we just needed a good hand or neck model. If you really want to juj up your product though, don’t forget to study your brand. Does your client like to keep it simple or are they super fun and quirky? The same with food photography, creating a set with props will really level up your composition.

Props in product photography in Greenville, SC.
Props used in Columbia, SC commercial product photography.
Jewelry photography in Greenville, South Carolina.

The Importance Of Props In Photography

Thank you for reading all about how to visually enhance your images with props! The importance of props in photography knows no bounds. You can find more images using props at The Vannah Co. or reach out to discuss more about adding props to your own photoshoot.


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