How To Book Your Greenville, SC Commercial Photographer

March 28, 2024

Sauce Box

So you have the COOLEST product ever and you’re ready to launch your amazing idea? Where do you start? Of course there’s the need for website, the social media, the graphic design, the apparel, but none of this can exist without a product photographer! Friend, I’m here to help! If you’re wondering how to book your Greenville, SC commercial photographer, I’m about to tell you how easy it is to get this process started! Shall we learn this process with Sauce Box?

Greenville, South Carolina commercial photographer featuring Sauce Box wing caddy photo over charcoal.

Connect With A Photographer That Fit’s Your Vibe

First of all, what is your product and who is your target market? For Sauce Box, their target market are all those who loves wings and NOT making a big mess trying to sauce up said wings. Sauce Box is a startup based in Greenville, South Carolina. Over the pandemic they had plenty of time to be at home – like most of us – and think about how to level up the dipping game when it comes to all your favorite foods. Most sauce ramekins are circular and don’t offer much of a clean way to dip any wing. Thus the SAUCE CADDY was born!

When they reached out to The Vannah Co. they knew that they wanted to have edgy and moody photos to match their moody brand. After looking through my portfolio they decided that we were going to make quite the team.

Product photographer in Greenville, SC featuring chicken wings in sauce caddy

What To Tell Your Commercial Photographer When Booking

After deciding on a photographer that matches your style, it’s time to inquire. Sometimes inquiring can be overwhelming when if comes to the photographer you REALLY want to work with. Will your budget be enough, will they respond in a timely fashion? I understand those questions! Luckily for you, when asking what a photographers rates are, if they happen to be outside your budget, payment plans are usually offered right up.

As far as things that your photographer would love to know about the project you have brought to them, here are some that can be super helpful in ensuring that your project is going to bring your visions to life:

  1. Commercial photographers love to know your budget up front.
  2. A turn around time frame for your photos to be delivered, to see if it’s doable.
  3. Your target market and what these photos will be used for – Instagram, Website, etc.
  4. What kind of photos are needed? E-Commerce or styled images?
  5. What your project is all about – give us the details, what is the product you’re selling?
  6. Your visions entirely, so we can discuss studio settings and location.
  7. What kind of props that will be needed to help juj up your product.

How to book your commercial photographer in Greenville, SC featuring chicken wings and suaces.
Commercial product photographer in Greenville, SC

For Sauce Box, they needed E-commerce and styled images for their website and social media. They also needed models using the actual product. As a food based product, most of their props for this project would be food and all things kitchen, such as wings along with other diverse foods to use with their sauce caddy, plates, cutting boards, kitchen rags, sauces, and other ingredients.

Commercial photography in Greenville, SC featuring sushi being dipped into Sauce Box sauce caddy
E-commerce commercial photographer in Greenville, SC.

Time To Snap Your Photos

Now that you and your Greenville, South Carolina photographer have communicated well and booked a date to capture your photos, it’s time to make the magic! Since we were going with a moody vibe, I grabbed several dark colored back drops that I had in my stock to bring to their location of choice and all the light gear necessary to make these photos come out the exact way the client envisioned. I also brought along a plain white backdrop for their e-commerce needs.

After we wrapped up all their photos, it was time to get to editing. I personally prefer to edit photos shortly after projects wrap up while all the fun is in the air. Most commercial photographers in Greenville, SC have a 2 to 4 week turnaround time which is pretty standard. Sauce Box wasn’t in a rush for their photos, but it was still nice to look through all the images and have them delivered within the week anyways.

E-commerce photographer in Greenville, SC
How to book your Greenville, SC commercial photographer.

How To Book Your Greenville, SC Commercial Photographer

Thank you for following along on how to book your Greenville, SC commercial photographer. The Sauce Box crew were so fun to work with and also have the coolest idea! If you’re like them and have a neat product that needs to model in front of my camera, let’s connect!


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