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October 31, 2023


As a top Greenville, South Carolina Food Photographer, I’m so excited to tell you about one of my favorite places to photograph today! Say Bonjour to Scoundrel, a fine French dining experience. Chef Joe and his wife Jocelyn truly brought a work of art to the city of Greenville, South Carolina. A place that’s easy on the eyes, and excites your taste buds and evening. Ready to see some of my favorite photos I’ve taken with this wonderful establishment?

Food photography in Greenville, South Carolina

The Food

With a menu that’s approachable to all – foodies and friends alike, you’ll see their food items vary from a classic “Dirty Rotten Scoundrel Burger” to Sliced Yellowfin Tuna and Deviled Blue Crab. The goal is for everyone to feel at home with this menu, but to also open their pallets to “sexy” menu items.

Greenville, South Carolina Food Photography
Greenville, SC food photography

After dinner is served, Scoundrel perfectly takes care of that sweet tooth with their MaMamma’s classic chocolate cake, French Cronuts, and specialties like Salted Cantaloupe Sorbet, which was a personal favorite of mine. I think it’s easy to see why Scoundrel is a favorite place of mine to capture as a Greenville, South Carolina food photographer.

Desserts featured in Greenville, SC food photography.

The Cocktails

No menu is complete without a perfectly paired cocktail. Shall we a take a sip of French Flair that’ll have you believing that you’re in Paris? The Espresso Martini is a classic at this Greenville, SC restaurant along with cocktails like Strawberry Fields, which stay on the menu year round. But keep an eye out for seasonal specials as well! All of Scoundrel’s carefully crafted cocktails are colorful not only visually, but in taste as well.

Cocktail photography in Greenville, SC
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The Scoundrel Atmosphere

Before you even enter through Scoundrel’s front doors, you’re greeted by a lovely patio with a floral wall to create a sinful and elegant atmosphere. Photographing anything on this patio is a treat! After stepping inside, the lights stay dim to create a moody feel to really enhance this edgy experience.
Large semi-circle booths line the interiors of this Greenville, South Carolina restaurant with Carlisle Burch paintings to say hello to each guest. The bar finalizes the interiors and it’s not just the cocktails that keep you there all night. The warmth of being seated at the bar and joy of Scoundrel’s bartenders is its own form of art.

Restaurant photography in Greenville, SC.
Restaurant photography in Greenville, SC.
Restaurant photography in Greenville, SC.

The People

How could we forget the crew that makes this establishment what it is? Chef Joe Cash had a dream to enhance Greenville with a dining experience that felt like New York or LA with Scoundrel. His menu is *chef’s kiss*!

Chef portrait photography in Greenville, SC

Along side him in the kitchen is Sous Chef Colin McCormic. Jess, the lovely General Manager offers a pleasant and kind attitude to each guest and friend. Lauren crafts the most delightful cocktails as head bartender, and each staff member really brings so much fun to the table. But Scoundrel is surely complete thanks to each Greenville, South Carolina guest who steps through the doors and takes their soul to Paris for the evening.

Portrait photographer near me in Greenville, SC
Restaurant photography in Greenville, SC.

Greenville, South Carolina Food Photographer

There’s more to being a Greenville, South Carolina food photographer than just capturing gorgeous plates. It’s about telling the entire story of a restaurant’s offered experience. Thanks to the team at Scoundrel and their digital marketer, Max Dinatale, i get to take lovely photos each month of this lovely establishment. So please, be a guest at Scoundrel! Take that mental trip to Paris through your tastebuds and enjoy these photos! If you’re looking for a photographer to photograph your establishment in Greenville, SC, you know where to find me!


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