Commercial Photographer Near Me

October 2, 2023

Greenville, South Carolina Commercial Photographer

Hi there! I’m Savannah Bockus. The photographer of the Vannah co. If you’ve been searching in google “Commercial Photographer Near Me”, I’m right here, friend! I’ve been a photographer in the upstate for years now. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some pretty incredible businesses and even Town Magazine with the Community Journal. Ready to check out the commercial photography experience in Greenville, SC?

Greenville, SC commercial photographer featuring fashion photographer, food photography, and branding photography.

Hello Crafters, Restaurants, Designers, & Beauty Experts

First of all, Greenville, SC commercial photography covers a vast variety of businesses. You’ll often view a commercial photographer as the type of photographer who creates standard stock images for law firms, etc. But here at the Vannah co. we LOVE to work with artisans and crafters. From restaurants to guitar makers, and from interior decorators to chocolate bars, we’re here to get creative and help tell a visual story of your process.

Commercial food photographer near me featuring vegan brisket in front of a burning fire.
South Carolina product photographer near me featuring models posing with jewelry

How to Know If Your Photographer Is A Right Fit

Before you even begin to think about booking any photographer in your area, It’s important to know that your photographer is an artist at heart! Hiring people based on their portfolio, color grading, and focus of photography is key! We don’t typically ask our abstract artists to create realistic drawings. To make sure your commercial photographer is a right fit, be sure to check out their portfolio and make sure they have the skills to execute the work you’re looking to have captured.

Chocolate bar company photographed in Greenville, SC
Commercial photography in Greenville, South Carolina featuring a chef and a custom built guitar.

How To Hire Your Commercial Photographer

Now that we’ve established how to make sure your photographer in Greenville, South Carolina is going to be a good fit for your project, let’s talk about the process of hiring them! When you arrive to their contact page, be sure to mention what kind of business you run and every detail about the photos you’ll need. Be sure to mention each process you do during your usual routine! Now that you’ve reached out, it’s simple! You and your photographer can now chat about deadlines, booking dates, retainers, and contracts!

Commercial Photographer in Greenville, SC

Commercial Photographer Near Me

We’re so excited that you took interest in finding a commercial photographer near me. Finding the right photographer for you and your business is so important in executing a virtual story of your endeavors. We hope that you’ll be reaching out soon to plan your photography project!


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